Past Achievements


Advocacy to girls education reaching out to over 75,000 girls in Lilongwe and Ntchisi. The organization through it's a Back to School Initiative has managed to reenrol 46 teenage mothers and 87 girls in T/A Tsabango in 2006 who had drop out of primary school and is providing their needs.

Informal classes through Study Time Initiative has managed to train 65 girls in self esteem, how to study, life skills and has increased the capacity of girls participation in education.

In our in school clubs from 18 secondary schools(e.g. Lilongwe Girls, Tsabango, Chipasula, Chisamba etc) in Lilongwe, an average of 75% of the students involved managed to pass both Junior and Malawi school certificates.

Successfully lobbied government to stop the policy on phasing out of boarding and national secondary schools in Malawi.

School fees sponsorship programme for teen mothers, child headed households and girls who cant manage to raise funds on their own.

Non formal education for girls who dropped out of school and a little bit old to start primary school and also can not fit into upper primary school.

Development of hand washing facilities and latrines in schools.

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