Our Area of Focus

CAYO's mission and strategic objectives is to reduce down to the following components or service programs including Youth Centres, Youth Development, Child Protection and Development and Girls Empowerment and Development .

Girls Empowerement and Development (GED)

The Girls Empowerment and Development (GED) recognizes the challenges that girls face in their development.

There is an increase in terms women abuse.

The origin of women abuse is a systematic process of abusing younger girls starting from failure to access education, cultural practices that put girls at risk.

The GED therefore focuses on empowering girls through;

  1. Leadership development among girls in youth development.
  2. Promotion of formal and non formal education for girls.
  3. Reduction of Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Violence Against Girls (VAG) IV. Empowerment of teen mothers and getting girls back to school .

Other Development Activities

Youth Centres

Youth centres are places specially established and designed to improve the access to services and participation of young people and..

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Youth Development

The programme focuses on socioeconomic empowering and building sustainable development of the youth..

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Child Protection Development (CPD)

The Child Protection and Development programme aims at ensuring that children are given..

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